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Nashville Probate Lawyers

Hardeman & Montgomery does not try to be a full-service general practice law firm, offering every type of legal service available!

Instead, we focus on doing a few complex things and doing them really well — probate and estate administration and creating wills and trusts.

Helpful Nashville Probate Attorneys

It’s a common problem. A mother or father has died, and you’re not sure what happens next. Where is the will? Does it need to go through probate? What is involved?

At Hardeman & Montgomery, we answer these questions every single day. Our clients appreciate our focus on estate administration. They know they are getting all this:

  • Knowledge of estate law: We know estate planning and we know the probate process.
  • Attention to detail: In a matter this important, you do not want the delays and misunderstandings caused by mistakes.
  • A hands-on approach: When you hire Hardeman & Montgomery, you only deal with Greg Hardeman and Kevin Montgomery.
  • Familiar faces at the courthouse: We know the local probate courts and they know us as professional, ethical and effective.

Assertive when we need to be, but always thorough … that’s Hardeman & Montgomery of Nashville, Tennessee.

Franklin Tennessee Estate Administration Lawyers

Estate administration is a complex set of tasks. You need professionals who know the law and are comfortable dealing with people and with complexity. The work we do includes:

  • Obtaining a host of critical documents.
  • Filing the will and other papers with the probate court.
  • Placing the required notice in the paper, notifying potential creditors to submit claims.
  • Identifying members of the decedent’s immediate family.
  • Locating assets, including safe deposit boxes.
  • Creating a list of assets and the value of each item.
  • Determining who inherits what property.
  • Managing the property where necessary, including paying bills and protecting property. Sometimes assets are sold to do this.
  • Maintaining a record of all estate transactions.
  • Working with appraisers on appraising the fair market value of all items in the estate, when required.
  • Filing required TennCare applications and state inheritance tax returns for the decedent, in some instances.
  • Distributing assets as indicated by the will or by state law.

We Also Create Conservatorships And Guardianships

Do you have a loved one, a young child or a disabled adult child you wish to protect? The law provides solutions in the form of conservatorships and guardianships. Contact Hardeman & Montgomery for details.

Do you need an effective, detail-oriented estate administrator? Call Nashville probate lawyers Hardeman & Montgomery at 615-649-6521.