Skillful Representation That
Leads To Beneficial Outcomes

Confidently guiding clients to favorable resolutions in matters of real estate and estate planning.

Providing Clarity And Successful Results For Your Future

At Hardeman & Montgomery, we help clients secure successful outcomes for their futures. Our great skill is providing clarity within a maze of documents, legal requirements, financial matters and the conflicting demands of multiple parties.
Whether you need to create an estate plan, administer an estate or close a real estate transaction, we are here to assist you. With more than 45 years of combined experience, our attorneys are prepared to advocate assertively for the best outcome available to you.

Our Practice Areas

Escrow, Title Issues And Real Estate Closings

From title insurance to escrow, we skillfully handle a range of issues in real estate transactions.

Probate And Estate Administration

If a loved one passes away, we will guide you through the probate and estate administration process.

Will And Trust Creation

Protect your estate for your loved ones by working with us to create an airtight will or trust.

HPR ( The Horizontal Property Regime Act )

We can help Tennessee landowners understand and benefit from HPR ( The Horizontal Property Regime Act ).


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