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Niche Services Involving Horizontal Property Regimes

Usually, property owners cannot build two separate homes on the same lot. However, if a property owner has the right permission, they can subdivide the lot. HPR ( The Horizontal Property Regime Act ) created this opportunity, allowing the owner to build multiple attached or freestanding units on the same property, which forms a horizontal property regime (HPR).

Few attorneys focus on this area of law with the same depth and frequency as we do at Hardeman & Montgomery. Our experience with HPRs allows us to ensure that we complete the proper steps for your property. Contact us if you are considering buying an HPR home or have other real estate concerns.

Our Unique Familiarity With HPR And Real Estate Law

We can assist you with the complex issues that may affect an HPR, such as:

  • Permits, title, zoning and land use matters
  • The definition of the units on the property within a master deed
  • The classification of communal versus separate elements of the property
  • Matters involving the homeowners’ association or condominium association which oversees the issues that affect co-owners and the property as a whole
  • Selling or purchasing an HPR property or leasing an individual unit

It is imperative to work with a real estate lawyer who has experience and knowledge of HPR ( The Horizontal Property Regime Act ). We understand the potential risks and legal implications of HPRs. Through proactive, attentive support, we protect property owners from unintended results.

Understand Your Options

In Tennessee, especially in Nashville, horizontal property regimes are abundant. Before you make a decision regarding an HPR, call 615-649-6521 or email Hardeman & Montgomery. We can give you reliable, strategic advice.