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Clarifying The Future For The People You Love

Something usually happens in a person’s life that gets him or her thinking about the future — a new member of the family, a long trip, the death of a parent. Suddenly you realize you have responsibilities to your loved ones and the time has come to put your intentions in writing.

At Hardeman & Montgomery, we work with clients to create wills that specify what happens to your estate, and trusts that have the power and flexibility to carry out your intentions, even after you’ve gone.

Q. What Is the Most Important Thing to Know About Wills? A. That you need one.

Skillful Davidson County Will And Trust Attorneys

Making out a will is not something to be afraid of doing. Primarily, it’s just a document that directs where you want your assets to go. At Hardeman & Montgomery, we begin with a brief conversation, establishing what you want to happen, then we get to work.

The two most important aspects of a will are that it must be crystal clear and drafted in accordance with Tennessee Law. Most homemade and downloaded wills don’t pass this test. A good lawyer is alert to the special circumstances of your estate and thorough enough that your will is clear to all.

The Power Of Trusts In Tennessee

You don’t have to be a multimillionaire to benefit from having a trust. Often times, trusts are good instruments to use to avoid probate, to protect assets from creditors of beneficiaries and to simplify estate administration when you die.

Call the Nashville estate planning attorneys of Hardeman & Montgomery at 615-649-6521 and describe your estate challenges. We can create a trust that does just what you want.

We also set up guardianships and conservatorships.

Have You Made Out A Living Will?

A living will tells doctors exactly what kind of care you do and don’t want to receive if you’re terminally ill and incapacitated. Living wills must be made out before you become incapacitated.

If you are thoughtful enough about your family to make out a will, you owe it to them to make out a living will as well, so they know your wishes should that day ever come.

Have You Executed A Power Of Attorney?

Powers of attorney are vital instruments to have in your estate plan to designate a trusted individual to make health care and/or financial decisions for you in the event you are unable to make those decisions for yourself.

If you are thoughtful enough about your family to make out a will, you owe it to them to execute a Health Care and Financial Power of Attorney as well.

Why Choose Hardeman & Montgomery?

The number one reason to choose Hardeman & Montgomery is that we are trustworthy. You really can count on us to do the job for you. We have been around and we have mastered our trade, and after all these years we are still honored to serve the clients who come to us.

To discuss wills, living wills and trusts, we invite you to call us at 615-649-6521. Or drop us a line using this handy online form.